Sakakawea Country is a hunter's dream

For those with a passion for hunting, it’s not just the hunt that calls them – it’s the opportunity to go one-on-one with Mother Nature and all she has to offer.
For that special someone, Sakakawea Country has it all.
Located in the heart of west central North Dakota, Sakakawea Country is right in the middle of the Central Flyway that is annually a staging area for millions of waterfowl as they migrate south to their wintering grounds.
For the hunter and the wildlife alike, the key component is habitat. Intermingled with rich agricultural land that offers ducks and geese feeding grounds, it’s also home to many resident  populations of Canada geese, both the giant and lesser species, and a wide variety of duck species.
In addition to ducks and geese, the prairie region is also home to sandhill cranes and swans and borders a major migration route for snow geese. Hunting tactics vary from setting up spreads of decoys in harvested grain fields to pass shooting the geese as they come off the waters of Lake Sakakawea, Audubon National Wildlife Refuge or the Missouri River.
More than anything, Sakakawea Country offers the hunter diverse opportunities. Each fall, thousands of out-of-state hunters return to the area to renew friendship forged during past hunting seasons, and create new memories.
As September opens, hunters can pursue mourning doves and within weeks they can be in the field beating the brush for Hungarian partridge and sharptail grouse.
As October comes around hunters turn their attention toward what is perhaps the most prized upland game bird – the ring-necked pheasant.
With its tall prairie grass and abundant wetlands, the region is a prime area for virtually any type of game a hunter could ask for. As the days grow shorter and the nights chillier, Sakakawea Country is an all-inclusive package for the hunter.
Early morning hours can be dedicated to hunting ducks and geese while the afternoons can be spent pursuing upland game. As evening again approaches, hunters can again hunker down in a cattail wetland with their calls as ducks come in off the fields, back to the wetlands.
But the opportunities only begin there. Big game is also abundant in the region. Each November hunters take to the fields as the deer gun season opens. Prior to that, there are plenty of opportunities for the bow hunter as North Dakota in recent years has recorded record numbers deer, again due to prime habitat in the region.
Trophy whitetails and mule deer are common to the area as are pronghorn antelope which are making a comeback in numbers.
For the avid turkey hunter, there are plenty of opportunities there as well. Both spring and fall seasons are offered in most areas and hunters can employ several strategies including decoying and calling the big toms or catching them as they come out of their roosting places in the morning.
But perhaps as inviting as the many different opportunities available, hunters return to Sakakawea year after year, lured by the wide-open spaces and uncluttered landscapes and the friendly people.
The people of who live and work here are proud of their heritage and the legacy they have been blessed with.
Sakakawea Country truly is one place where you can have it all – and then some.

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